Exclusive Talks with Lyricist and Music Director Rakesh Nirala

Creation is an enjoyable process, says Rakesh Nirala who diversified from lyrics to music direction

-By IPS Yadav

A good lyrics is always a soul of any good song that fills the spirit in the melody. In his bollywood journey of more than a decade lyricist Rakesh Nirala wrote many soulful melodies and filled many moods and colors in the songs he wrote through his magical lyrics writings. Excerpts from an exclusive talk with him:

Rakeshji any other color that may be left from your writing and you may want to paint your new song with that?

Yes ofcourse that is the 8th color, a Rakesh Nirala special color. However I tried to write my lyrics in all seven colors so far but now an epic song still to come out from me and it would be my 8th color, Rakesh Nirala special, and he laughs.

Mr. Nirala recently shifted his job from lyrics writer to music direction who shot to fame way back in 2000 with Sony Music album Piya Basanti Re in which he also wrote Surmayi Aankhen and Saawan Rut Aayi sung by Ustad Sultan Khan and Chitra.

Thereafter he has done many films, albums and songs as lyrics writer and still doing for his ace clients but for last couple of years he started working as music director too. When I heard of it I was happy and greeted him. He has done some really remarkable job.

After speaking with him, I felt People are not happy with their existing jobs and they want exit. They think other people’s job is too good and they switch over to bigger challenge with new job. After passing many years of life, is it a wise decision or gamble with the rest last stage of the life?

Rakesh Nirala gave its beautiful reply, “It’s not that I have quit the lyrics writing but extension of my penning and composing art. There are many people who wanted me to compose music for the lyrics I write for them and also they cannot afford a big music director, that is why I started trying my hands on music composition and the result has come out is fabulous.”

Delivering the new ideas is always a big challenge for creative people, when this was put forth before Lyricist Rakesh Nirala he gave us equally a good answer, “Creating the new things is not a big problem for me but it’s interesting ad enjoyable process. When we sit for a new lyrics or new tune, we follow the theme line and ofcourse there are many stakeholders in the movie in terms of money, skill, experience, people’s expectations and reputation is on stake so being a captain on the one hand you to listen to everyone while on the other hand you have to deliver your best.”

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