Guinness world Records Holder Charlie Chaplin–II makes the Palm Expo 2017 hilarious with his mesmerizing comic act. Chaplin 2 kick starts his 4047th rocking show at Palmexpo 2017. Charlie Chaplin 2 performs for Film India Directory title sponsor @ Palm Expo 2017.

Hero Rajan Kumar aka Charlie Chaplin 2 performs his 4047th Show Live at “Film India” stall Bollywood’s famous film directory which was the title sponsor @ Palm Expo 2017 a 3-day light & sound trade fair started on Thursday, June 1 at Bombay exhibition center Mumbai. It was Charlie Chaplin-2’s 4047th live show sponsored by Deepak Malhotra editor Film India. Due to his popular performance, Guinness book of world records holder Charlie Chaplin–2 became hero of Palm Expo 2017 among the visitors. He made people smile and laugh with his expressive performance, and spread happiness around the palm expo 2017. Check out here some glimpses thru our photo and video, Kindly like, share comment and subscribe the same.