IMG_20170822_125609aIMG_20170822_131007aIMG_20170822_142201aNitesh Rane’s Swabhiman supports Narayan Rane if he joins Bjp
Congress senior leader Narayan Rane gets support from his son Nitish Rane’s Swabhiman sangathana if he joins Bjp, Mira-Bhayandar Swabhiman sangathana district organiser Sandeep Rane announces here in Mira Road addressing a press conference, when asked how could Rane join Bjp, a so called corrupt party sited by his son Nitish Rane himself so many times in and out of the assembly house and how could they support them, Sandeep Rane delivers the smart reply, “We have nothing to do with the Bjp for its good or bad deeds, we are just Narayan Rane’s followers and supporters and will remain so forever.”
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