wp-1506068663532.wp-1506068663465.Movie -The Love, promotes eye donation

Actor :- shashikant shinde
Actress :- sneha singh
Casting director :- kupendra pawar
Music director :- madhuur milind shinde
Excutive producer :- krushna shailar

Banner: Somayya Entertainment Production
Its a social awarness short film …subject is Eye Donation.
This film Made in 3 languages …..Hindi , Kanada , Marathi…
Story :-

raj and divya’s love story raj as a professional photographer and divya is a blind but raj’s childhood friend …..raj is searching for beauty in divya’s eyes one day raj asking to divya will u marry me ….but divya saying no bcoz i’m blind & you are big photographer when i saw the world then i will marry with u….raj had upset ….some major problem to raj in brain so his going to doctor and ask his MRI report doctor saying its a serious case of brain tumer raj and his friend madhuur is shocked then raj take a promise from doctor ..when i will dead so plzzz give my eyes for divya plzzzz ….few day after raj have brain attack and his dead then donate for eye divya ….she looking her got that attitude im very beautiful then she’s knowing raj is no more and donate to eye her she will crying and ask his frnd madhuur ….his saying raj is not a dead his live from ur eyes …..
Watch Promo ….THE LOVE.